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••• 23 March (Today)
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1971 : All Queen members went to see Led Zeppelin at Marquee Club, London, UK. [46 years] http://www.ledzeppelin.com
1974 : Queen live at Links Pavilion, Cromer, UK on Queen II tour. [43 years]
1975 : Queen live on Sheer Heart Attack Tour at McFarlin Auditorium, Dallas, USA. [42 years]
1976 : Queen live on A Night At The Opera Tour at Aichi Ken Gymnasium, Nagoya, Japan. [41 years]
1984 : Another filming day of I Want To Break Free. Freddie was originally supposed to wear six inch stiletto heeled shoes, and he appeared at the door of his dressing room, which was up a flight of metal stairs, wearing them. He tottered about three steps, screamed with laughter, said something along the lines of "oh f*** it, I can't walk in these things let alone get down those stairs" and went back into his dressing room to get some shoes with lower heels! John appeared dressed as the "old woman" and one of his children, I think it may have been Laura, who would have been about five at the time, took one look at him and began to scream and cry loudly as she hadn't a clue who he was. [33 years] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EVYgRPfC9nQ
1999 : Roger live at The Garage, Glasgow, UK. [18 years]
2006 : Queen+PR live on Queen + Paul Rodgers Tour at Allstate Arena, Rosemont, USA. [11 years]