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••• 18 January (Today)
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1969 : Art live at Rugby Club, Hinckley, UK. [48 years]
1975 : John Richard Deacon married Veronica Agnes Mary Tetzlaff in Carmelite Church in Kensington. [42 years]
1977 : Queen live on A Day At The Races Tour at Cobo Hall, Detroit, USA, with Thin Lizzy as a support band. [40 years]
1979 : Queen live on Jazz tour at Ostee Halle, Kiel, Germany. [38 years]
1983 : Freddie met producer and composer Giorgio Moroder, and was asked for a song for new remake of Metropolis movie. In September 1984 Love Kills was released and included in soundtrack album for this movie. It was the first solo work and pretty good song (with its even better extended version). [34 years] http://qph.runoutgrooves.com/singles/f01lk.shtml http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7NekMhLOIQ
1992 : Brian appeared on BBC Radio One 'Guitar Legends'. [25 years]
1995 : Roger live at Teatro Verdi, Geneva, Switzerland, on his solo tour Happiness. Even before he had bought new boat in Monte Carlo. [22 years]
2002 : Brian appeared on stage with Foo Fighters at the Cat Club, Los Angeles, USA. [15 years]