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••• 19 July
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1947 : Brian Harold May was born at Gloucester House Nursing Home in Hampton, Middlesex to parents Harold & Ruth May. [74 years]
1954 : Brian was given his first ever guitar - a Spanish acoustic, for his 7th birthday. [67 years]
1969 : Smile live at PJ's Club, Truro, UK. [52 years]
1971 : Queen live at Rugby Club, Hayle, UK. [50 years]
1978 : Brian held his 31st birthday party in Toronto, Canada. [43 years]
1982 : Queen released Calling All Girls single in USA - the first ever single released by Queen composed by Roger anywhere in the world (not counting B-side songs I'm In Love With My Car and Human Body). [39 years]
1982 : July 19-20 Queen rehearsing in Montreal [39 years]
1986 : Queen live on Magic Tour at Müngersdorfer Stadion, Cologne, Germany, in front of 50 000 fans. [35 years]
1993 : Freddie's 11th single with remixed Living On My Own was released and reached no. 1 being the best success of any Queen member even thought was released after Freddie's death. [28 years] http://qph.runoutgrooves.com/singles/f15lomo.shtml
1993 : Freddie received in memoriam Ivor Novello price for Living On My Own. [28 years]
1996 : Brian appeared on BBC's Top Of The Pops with the Rock Therapy group on his 49th birthday, they played their Reaching Out charity single. [25 years] http://youtube.com/watch?v=gbsdN1n4rCg
1997 : Roger joined Brian and SAS Band (Spike Edney, Jamie Moses, Neil Murray and Geoff Dugmore) on his 50th private birthday party at his home. They played All Right Now (Brian guitar and vocals), All The Young Dudes (Brian guitar, vocals, Roger backing vocals), Tie Your Mother Down (Brian guitar, vocals), Rock And Roll (Brian guitar, Roger vocals) and Route 66 (Brian guitar, vocals, Roger drums). [24 years]

••• 21 July
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1982 : Queen live starting their final tour of America & Canada on Hot Space Tour at Forum, Montreal, Canada, with Fred Mandel as their extra keyboard player and Billy Squier as support. [39 years] http://www.queenconcerts.com/index.php?section=concerts&action=tour&who=queen&tour=hotspaceus
1986 : Queen live on Magic Tour at Stadhalle, Vienna, Austria, in front of 12 000 fans. [35 years]
1986 : Freddie released Freddie Mercury Video EP on VHS with I Was Born To Love You, Living On My Own, Made In Heaven and Time. [35 years] http://qph.runoutgrooves.com/videos/f01tvep.shtml
••• 22 July
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1957 : Roger started to play with his first band The Bubblingerover Boys. [64 years]
1986 : Queen live performing 2nd show at Stadhalle, Vienna, Austria, again to 12 000 fans. [35 years]
••• 23 July
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1982 : Queen live on Hot Space Tour at Gardens, Boston, USA. [39 years]
••• 24 July
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1971 : Queen live at Young Farmers Club, Wadebridge, UK. [50 years]
1973 : Queen apeared on BBC's Old Grey Whistle Test with Keep Yourself Alive video compiled from old black and white cartoons. Initially it should have been used in Roosevelt's presidential elections. [48 years]
1973 : Queen record BBC session at Langham 1 Studio [48 years]
1975 : Queen appeared live on Gouden Leeuwen Festival at Blankenberghe, Belgium. [46 years]
1975 : AUGUST – NOVEMBER Sarm East Studios, Aldgate; Olympic Studios, Barnes; Rockfield Studios, Monmouth; Scorpio Studios, Lansdowne Studios, Roundhouse Studios, London (A Night At The Opera sessions) [46 years]
1979 : Queen received gold award for Live Killers sales in the US. [42 years]
1982 : Queen live on Hot Space Tour at The Spectrum, Philadelphia, USA. [39 years]
1984 : It's A Hard Life entered into UK charts at no. 23. Video was filmed at München with a lot of their friends in crowd (including Barbara Valentin). [37 years] http://qph.runoutgrooves.com/singles/q26iahl.shtml http://youtube.com/watch?v=YFwOe0EPOJs
1986 : A reception was held at the British Embassy in Budapest for the band prior to their gig at the Nepstadion. The band arrived in Budapest aboard President Gorbachev's hydrofoil on the Danube. [35 years]
••• 25 July (Today)
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1970 : Queen live at PJ's Club, Truro, UK. [51 years]
1980 : Queen received silver and gold awards for The Game sales in the UK. [41 years]
1982 : Queen live on Hot Space Tour at Capitol Centre, Washington DC, USA. [39 years]