Queen Diary - day by day

••• 15 March
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1965 : Johnny Quale and The Reaction played at the Roundtable Charity Rock'n'Roll Rhythm Championship at Truro City Hall, UK. They played to an audience of about 1 thousand people with 20 other bands from the Cornwall and Devon areas. They opened the show and played two songs, and came 4th in the competition. [54 years]
1965 : Brian and his father finished work on his Red Special guitar. It had taken 18 months to complete. [54 years]
1969 : Smile live at Imperial College, London, UK. [50 years]
1974 : Queen live on Queen II Tour at Glasgow University, Glasgow, UK. Fuse problems caused delays at this show because all the equipment and the lights were plugged into the Universities ordinary main supply, which overloaded all the circuits. [45 years]
1984 : Queen received silver and gold awards for The Works sales in the UK. [35 years]
1999 : Roger live at Guildhall, Gloucester, UK. [20 years]