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••• 17 June
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1986 : Friends Will Be Friends entered UK charts at no. 21. [35 years] http://qph.runoutgrooves.com/singles/q31fwbf.shtml
1986 : Queen live at Forest Nationale, Brussels, Belgium, in front of 9 200 fans. [35 years]
1995 : Roger played with SAS Band at the Rock Against Hate concert at Club Openair Lengnau, Zürich, Switzerland. They played Nazis 1994, Radio Ga Ga and Rock'n'Roll (from Led Zeppelin). [26 years]
1995 : John went to see Rod Stewart at Wembley, London, UK. [26 years]
1996 : Queen released 45th single Let Me Live from Made In Heaven album in the UK. [25 years]