Queen Diary - day by day

••• 17 October
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1981 : Queen live at Ignacio Zaragoza Estadio, Puebla, Mexico. Every fan was thoroughly cross-checked and batteries from all found recording machines were confiscated. The absurd fact is that inside the venue there was a booth selling batteries again (probably those, which had been confiscated at the entrance). [40 years]
1987 : The Cross appeared on TV kids programme No73 with Cowboys And Indians. [34 years] http://youtube.com/watch?v=eecpiKu46KQ
1993 : Brian live at Majestic Theater, Dallas, USA [28 years]
2004 : Brian and Roger played at the We Will Rock You musical premiere afterpary at Cremlin Pallace, Moscow, Russia. This production closed only four months after its opening due to disagreements between the show's producers, despite fan protests to keep the show going. [17 years]