Queen Diary - day by day

••• 23 May
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1967 : Ibex live at Honiton Hall, Penketh, UK. [53 years]
1977 : Queen live on A Day At The Races Tour at Hippodrome, Bristol, UK. [43 years] http://www.queenconcerts.com/index.php?section=concerts&action=tour&who=queen&tour=adatreu
1990 : The Cross live at Blickpunktstudios, Dortmund, Germany. [30 years]
1994 : The duo Dolezal/Rossacher was filming a video for Roger's Happiness in Vienna. [26 years] http://youtube.com/watch?v=xP4n711ZmS8
2006 : Queen received 8x platinum award for Greatest Hits sales in the US. [14 years]