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••• 14 November
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1969 : Wreckage live at Liverpool, UK. [48 years]
1970 : Queen live at Ballspark College, Hertford, UK. [47 years]
1974 : Queen live on Sheer Heart Attack Tour at Gaumont, Southampton, UK. [43 years]
1975 : Queen live starting their UK A Night At The Opera Tour at Empire Theatre, Liverpool, UK. At the end of every concert Freddie was throwing red roses (without thorns) into the audience. [42 years] http://www.queenconcerts.com/index.php?section=concerts&action=tour&who=queen&tour=anato
1977 : Queen received gold award for News Of The World in the US. [40 years]
1978 : Queen live on Jazz Tour at Rhode Island Civic Centre, Providence, USA [39 years]
1994 : Roger released Happiness from the same named album on single with his live version of Ride The Wild Wind on b-side in the UK. [23 years] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=McOWxuV4w2o
1998 : Brian live on Another World Tour at IMP Hall, Osaka, Japan. [19 years]
2002 : Queen received platinum awards for A Day At The Races, Live Killers and A Night At The Opera, 2x platinum award for Live Killers, 3x platinum awards for A Night At The Opera and Classic Queen, 4x platinum for The Game and News Of The World, all for sales in the US. [15 years]
2003 : Brian was on a webchat on 46664.com talking about the 46664 Mandela Concert [14 years]
2006 : Roger inducted Led Zeppelin into the UK Music Hall Of Fame and and later played drums in a specially assembled George Martin Tribute Band at Alexandra Palace, London, UK. [11 years] http://youtube.com/watch?v=KcVQDzeMsW0 http://youtube.com/watch?v=ZlcD9o8rezA
2008 : Queen+PR live on The Cosmos Rocks Tour at Racecourse, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Actually the place was a car park near IKEA store. [9 years] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHENT1WjZFM