This site was originally designed as a part of Czech version of in 2005. Some time later I thought that it would be nice to do it seriously and international.
This is the result - with huge database of events from Queen and Queen members life.

Moreover you can enjoy a lot of interactivities here - follow related links for detailed information, watch videos or send comments for each day, submit new events or report bad ones!

Submit an event

Submit an event Link to the form is available in the header of each day. Submitted event will be immediately displayed in gray until webmaster confirm it.

Report wrong event

Report wrong event Link to the form is available in the header of each day. Reported event will be displayed with ! until webmaster solve it.

Enjoy this database and help to improve it. Events consist of information about live performances, singles, album and video releases, other appearances in TVs or radios and also solo work of all members of Queen.
You can easily search for what you need.

This database will never be complete as there is still something happening.

Big thank to Filip for his starting injection long time ago, David for his care about information and also to Jacky from FC Queen for putting on-line a lot of essenital information, which was available on the old FC website years and years ago.

If you're interested, check site statistics.